2019 City Council At-Large Candidate


Sherrie Cohen

Party: Independent
Previous occupations: Attorney (current)
Campaign Website
Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
Contact information:
Cohen is a tenants’ rights attorney, and more recently has been an activist for education, housing, and criminal justice reform.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.

All information below comes from the campaign website.


  • Views housing as a human right, rather than a commodity

  • Opposes encroachment of large institutions like universities on surrounding communities, particularly the Temple Stadium planned in North Philadelphia

  • Supports ending the 10-year tax abatement

  • Supports strengthening oversight of banks to prevent further redlining practices

  • Supports implementing rent control

  • Supports strengthened “just cause” eviction protections

  • Supports encouraging housing co-ops and community-based land trusts

  • Supports strengthening protections against discrimination for voucher holders

  • Supports a right to counsel for all tenants at risk of eviction

  • Supports requiring inspections before all new tenants move in, rather than using the current complaint-based inspections system

Criminal justice reform

  • Supports full decriminalization of marijuana

  • Supports automatic and retroactive expungements of criminal records relating to marijuana sale or possession

  • Opposes trying youth as adults in court

  • Opposes automatic detainers, which allow officers to arrest those on parole without notifying a judge, without a trial, and without the option of bail

  • Opposes life sentencing

  • Opposes indefinite and long-term solitary confinement

  • Supports treating addiction as a health issue rather than a criminal issue


  • Supports a $15 per hour minimum wage, at the minimum

  • Supports creating unionizing options for all workers

  • Supports ending the system of having a separate minimum wage for tipped workers

  • Supports policies to close the gender pay gap

  • Supports creating a wage tax credit for lower-income earners

  • Supports requiring Payments in Lieu of Taxes from large, tax-exempt institutions like universities and hospitals

  • Supports a federal jobs guarantee

  • Supports offering free child care


  • Supports striving for a goal of using 100% renewable energy citywide and prohibiting future fossil fuel infrastructure

  • Supports shifting PGW to all renewable sources and preventing the proposed construction of PGW’s new liquified natural gas plant

  • Supports revoking the permit for SEPTA’s gas-powered plant in Nicetown

  • Supports requiring that at least 20% of PECO’s electricity for sale be purchased from local solar producers by 2025

  • Supports transitioning 100% of SEPTA’s fleet to electric vehicles

  • Supports expanding bike lanes


  • Generally supports increasing funding for public schools

  • Opposed to any privatization of public schools, including through charter schools

  • Supports ending suspensions for elementary school students and zero tolerance policies

  • Supports ending high-stakes standardized testing

  • Supports removing all lead, mold, and asbestos from schools, and providing air conditioning in all schools