2019 City Commissioner Candidate

Robin Trent

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: Business owner
Campaign Website
Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
Contact information:
Online form on campaign site
Trent is a long-time West Philadelphia resident with roots in local community organizations. She is also a ward committee person for the 52nd ward. She attended the University of Phoenix.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.

Election access

  • Generally opposes voter ID laws or other policies that would prevent access to the ballot (source)

  • Vows to increase voter turnout to 100% (source)

  • Supports improving language resources at the polls (source)

  • Plans to increase outreach to currently incarcerated people and recently released people who may not be aware of their voting rights (source)

  • Plans to increase the use of technology to disseminate voting information, such as through social media (source)

  • Vows to use her platform as city commissioner to lobby the State to allow for early voting and weekend voting (source)

  • Vows to use her platform as city commissioner to lobby the School District to include civics in its curriculum (source)