2019 City Council District 6 Candidate


Pete Smith

Party: Republican
Previous occupations: Service Manager
Candidate questionnaire: Completed
Contact information:
Smith was born and raised in Philadelphia, and he attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He is actively engaged in the community through volunteering, and he founded The Northeast Philly Block Captain Coalition to create a safer and stronger community.


Please see the questionnaire linked above for more information.


  • Opposes the beverage tax (questionnaire)

  • Opposes limiting methods of payment in stores (questionnaire)

  • Views business growth as the best way to reduce the poverty rate, such as by attracting companies such as Amazon and reducing restrictions on small businesses (questionnaire)

Public safety

  • Opposes creating safe injection sites (questionnaire)

  • Supports giving more authority to the Police Department to pursue dealers and suppliers of illegal drugs, including treating overdose deaths as homicide if linked to a dealer (questionnaire)

  • Plans to increase frequency of bike and foot patrol officers throughout Northeast Philadelphia to reduce crime (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing harsher penalties for gun violence (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing mental health and criminal background checks for gun purchases (questionnaire)

  • Support banning assault weapons (questionnaire)

  • Supports the right to legal gun ownership (questionnaire)


  • Views treatment and rehabilitation as the most effective methods of combatting the opioid crisis (questionnaire)

  • Plans to create a panel of experts to advise city council on how to approach the opioid crisis, including law enforcement, addiction, and mental health specialists (questionnaire)

  • Plans to meet with the City’s behavioral health provider to inquire about shifting focus from methadone and Suboxone to detox and rehabilitation (questionnaire)


  • Believes the School District budget is too high (questionnaire)

  • Generally supports charter schools as a way to increase educational achievement and the number of choices (questionnaire)

  • Supports increasing oversight of charter schools, such as by requiring that they accept a certain number of students from their surrounding neighborhood (questionnaire)


  • Plans to rezone the riverfront in the Northeast to allow for more residential properties (questionnaire)

Governance and ethics

  • Views mismanagement and waste as one of the largest issues facing the City (questionnaire)

  • Plans to conduct complete audits of every City agency and improve fiduciary management (questionnaire)

  • Plans to implement a zero-tolerance policy for workplace harassment that would remove violators from their position immediately (questionnaire)

  • Plans to conduct more trainings on workplace harassment (questionnaire)

  • Supports decreasing the pension liability through ending the DROP program, increasing the age to 65, and committing more money from the general fund (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing a three-term limit for elected officials (questionnaire)

  • Opposes allowing council members to have other sources of income (questionnaire)


  • Supports creating a specialized crew for repairing potholes (questionnaire)


  • Opposes Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status (email)