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Patrick Toomey

Party: Republican
Position: Federal Senator
Committees: Finance; Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; Budget
In office since: 2011
Previous occupations: National Representative
Next Election: 2022
US Custom House
200 Chestnut Street
Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA 19106


  • Simplify and lower taxes, reduce regulations

  • Strong supporter of balancing the national budget

  • Favors repealing minimum wage

Health Care:

  • Wants to repeal Affordable Care Act

  • Supports increasing Medicare funding and access

  • Wants to limit access to opioids, while providing addiction recovery services instead of incarcerating people


  • Wants to reduce federal education regulations for curriculums and testing

  • Supporter of federal funding for charter schools

  • Supports lowering college costs


  • Supports natural gas drilling and fracking all over the U.S.

  • Voted against subsidies for agriculture-based energy and alternative energy

  • Strong proponent of building coal plants and removing EPA regulations on coal

Civil Rights:

  • Pro-life

  • Was in favor of banning sam-sex marriage

  • Strong focus on protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation

National Security:

  • Thinks "violent Islam extremism" is one of the largest threats to the U.S

  • Generally wants to give more power and resources to the military

  • Supports riot gear and armored vehicles for police