2019 City Council At-Large Candidate


Matt Wolfe

Party: Republican
Previous occupations: Vice President of the Spruce Hill Community Association; Deputy Attorney General; Chief Counsel of the Department of Labor and Industry; Assistant Counsel at the Department of Transportation
Campaign Website
Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
Contact information:
Wolf is a long-time Philadelphia resident and an active member of many community organizations. He attended the University of Pennsylvania and law school at Villanova. He has extensive experience serving in City and State government, and currently manages his own law office.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.

All position stances below can be found on the campaign website.


  • Generally opposes implementing any new taxes or increasing existing taxes

  • Supports lowering business and wage taxes

  • Supports implementing all recommendations of the Tax Reform Commission to eliminate the Business Privilege Tax, match the business tax rates of surrounding areas, emphasize value of land in real estate taxes, and adopt an Actual Value Initiative for property assessments

  • Supports eliminating the cigarette, sales, and soda taxes

Governance and ethics

  • Generally supports reducing the size of City government

  • Supports shifting from a defined benefits pension plan to a defined contribution plan

  • Supports eliminating the DROP program, which has been abused to receive lump-sum payouts and then promptly return to work

  • Supports reducing payroll and benefits expenditures

  • Supports implementing term limits of two terms for all elected officials, including city council

  • Generally supports ending councilmanic prerogative

  • Generally supports eliminating all City programs except for areas relating to public safety, sanitation, public education, transportation, and utilities infrastructure


  • Generally supports advocating for a fair funding formula so that school districts like Philadelphia’s receive proportionally more funding than lower-need districts

  • Views charter schools as beneficial, if they have proper oversight and management

  • Believes that there should be more funding for schools, but does not view funding shortfalls as the core of the issue

Public safety

  • Opposes creating safe injection sites

  • Supports using education as the primary response to the opioid crisis

  • Supports increasing security at the port to screen for opiates


  • Plans to audit Philadelphia’s transportation system, and views public transit and bikes as an essential part of reform


  • Opposes Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status and vows to advocate against it