Malcolm Kenyatta

Party: Democrat
Position: State Representative, District 181
Member: Commerce; Liquor Control; State Government; Tourism and Recreational Development
In office since: 2018
Next election:
Previous occupations: Senior Coordinator for the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia; Campaign Manager for Sherry Cohen’s City Council bid; Program Coordinator at Hahnemann University Hospital; Front of House Manager at Hancock Restaurant Holdings; Freelance Reporter for Comcast
Official 2
Contact Information:
1501 N. Broad Street
Suite 17
Philadelphia, PA 19122  


  • Wants to increase funding for public schools using a fair funding formula (source)

  • Wants to make college free for lower-income students (source)

  • Supports charter schools, but does not support expanding the voucher programs, and believes in focusing on public education instead (source)


  • Wants to raise the minimum wage, but believes localities should set the amount (source)

  • Generally in favor of raising taxes to meet budget shortfalls, particularly on higher incomes and larger corporations (source)

  • Generally supports legislation to address affordable housing issues (source)

  • Wants to incentivize the creation of Business Improvement Districts to help small businesses (source)

  • Supports maintaining and expanding the Community Reinvestment Act and similar programs (source)

  • Opposes “right to work” legislation and other legislation that makes unions and collective bargaining more difficult (source)


  • Supports implementing a gas extraction tax (source)


  • Supports policies that lead to universal healthcare coverage (source)

  • Wants to expand Medicare and Medicaid (source)

  • Believes in treating opioid addiction and addiction in general as an illness, rather than criminality (source)

  • Supports legislation that would provide universal child and elder care (source)

  • Generally supports universal healthcare, and would support single-payer with no copays (source)

Civil rights

  • Supports legislation to create equal pay for equal work

  • Supports “ban the box” legislation to prevent employers from asking about a criminal record

  • Opposes President Trump’s travel ban and other restrictions on immigration (source)

Public safety

  • Supports giving localities more power to regulate guns

Criminal justice reform

  • Opposes the “tough on crime” ideology as a dog whistle, and instead focuses on ending mass incarceration (source)

  • Supports ending mandatory minimum sentences (source)

  • Supports all of the proposals from the All-in Cities initiative, which include “eliminating court-access fees, prohibiting juvenile fines, capping the allowable share of revenue from fines and fees, ensuring access to free public defender services (including for administrative debt hearings), and ending warrants and jail time for unpaid fees” (source)


  • Believes climate change is real, and that we should enact legislation to protect the environment (source)

Governance and ethics

  • Opposes Citizens United (source)

  • Wants to reform redistricting to end gerrymandering (source)

  • Generally supports legislation to increase access to voting, and opposes any legislation that would make voting harder (source)


  • Served in several nonprofits and community organizations, including as a commissioner on the Mayor’s Commission on LGBT affairs, the Co-chair of the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club, a board member of Equality PA, a board member of the Smith Memorial Playground, president of the Philadelphia National Organization for Women Education Fund, and a Workshop Leader at Mighty Writers

  • Founded Babel Poetry Collective, a spoken word poetry club at Temple

  • Served as a delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Committee and was a prominent campaigner for Hillary Clinton’s presidential run