local elected officials

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City Officials

James Kenney

The Mayor acts as the executive official of the city, coordinates all offices, acts as the representative of the city, and appoints several department heads. The Mayor also signs legislation into law, or can choose to veto the bill. A term is four years, with a limit of two consecutive terms.

Larry Krasner
District Attorney

The District Attorney oversees all prosecutions in Philadelphia County, including overseeing 600 lawyers, detectives, and assistants. The Office of the District Attorney processes more than 75,000 cases a year. A term is four years with no term limits.

Rebecca Rhynhart
City Controller

The Office of the City Controller oversees and approves all financial aspects of the City government. It pre-audits policy, audits departments, conducts financial policy analysis, and investigates fraud and mismanagement. A term is four years with no term limits.

Ronald R. Donatucci
Register of Wills

The Register of Wills oversees wills, and determines what will happen when the recipient of a will is unclear or nonexistent. The office also investigates fraud claims and serves as an agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to file and pay inheritance taxes. A term is four years with no term limits.

Jewell Williams

The Sheriff's Office protects all who are involved in trials, as well as auctions off foreclosed properties. A term is four years with no term limits.


City Commissioners

The City Commissioners ensure compliance with local, state, and federal voting laws during Philadelphia elections, and they oversee all Philadelphia elections and voter registration. They are a three-member, bipartisan committee that requires having at least one minority party member (always Republican).

Anthony Clark

Anthony Clark

Al Schmidt Vice-Chair

Al Schmidt

Lisa M. Deeley Chair

Lisa M. Deeley


City Council

The City Council creates and passes legislation. There are a total of 17 members, 10 of which are elected by district and seven are elected at-large. Each is elected for a four-year term, and there are no term limits.