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lisa m. deeley

Party: Democrat
Position: City Commissioner
In office since: 2016
Next Election: 2022
Previous occupations: Director of Community Outreach for Councilman Bobby Henon (6th District)
Contact Information:
Philadelphia City Hall
Room 132
Philadelphia, PA 19107


  • Wants to engage public and increase voter turnout

  • Proposed attendance requirements for city commissioners that would include docking pay for failure to show up regularly

  • Proposed live-streaming commissioner meetings and inspecting commissioner emails to ensure constituents’ concerns were receiving replies


  • Deeley lost her notary license in the summer of 2018 for approving signatures without asking for identification, which is a violation of state law (source)

  • Deeley and her colleague Al Schmidt have come under criticism from the State Auditor General and the City Controller for purchasing voting machines in an opaque and rushed process with alleged influence from the vendor. The City Controller is now attempting to block to purchase. (source)

  • Serves as the President of Northeast Victim Services (source)