Larry Krasner

Party: Democrat
Position: District Attorney
In office since: 2018
Next election: 2021
Previous occupations: Attorney
Three South Penn Square
Corner of Juniper and South Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19107-3499


  • Advocates ending mass incarceration through not prosecuting as many cases, reviewing past convictions, ending cash bail, and focusing drug cases on treatment

  • Wants to focus on violent crime, fraud and corruption, and environmental pollution

Civil rights:

  • Vows to never seek the death penalty

  • Vows to never bring a case to trial that resulted from stop-and-frisk

  • Vows to not utilize civil asset forfeiture except in cases where a conviction has been made

  • Vows to uphold Philadelphia as a sanctuary city, and will only cooperate with federal authorities as is required by law

  • Vows to reject cases that stem from abusive or discriminatory policing, and to prosecute police who abuse their powers


  • The City’s Board of Ethics accused Krasner’s campaign of accepting $11,020 of in-kind contributions in excess of campaign contribution limits. Krasner’s campaign agreed to a settlement to pay this amount to the City, plus a $4,000 fine and an $8,000 penalty from the Real Justice PAC. (Source)

  • Krasner’s reforms have been incredibly divisive, bringing immense praise from supporters of criminal justice reform and immense criticism from groups like the Fraternal Order of Police. His policies are regarded as one of the most significant progressive reforms in a district attorney’s office. (Source)