2019 City Council District 2 Candidate


Kenyatta Johnson

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: State Representative of District 186; Founder of Peace Not Guns; AmeriCorps; PA State Senate Staffer; Founding member of City Year
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Johnson was born and raised in Philadelphia, and attended Mansfield University and the University of Pennsylvania. He has been involved in politics as a State Senate staffer and a State Representative before becoming a councilperson in 2012. He is now seeking his third term.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.


  • Supports keeping property taxes down, especially for long-time homeowners (source)

  • Supported delaying the Actual Value Initiative for property value reassessments in order to prevent impacting older homeowners (source)

  • Introduced legislation for the Affordable Housing Initiative (unclear on what that entails) (source)

  • Worked to expand the Long-time Owner-Occupied Program to help prevent tax relief for owners of homes rapidly increasing in value (source)


  • Supports the soda tax (source)

  • Co-sponsored paid sick leave legislation (source)

  • Supports raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour (source)


  • Brokered a deal to prevent E.M. Stanton Elementary from closing (source)

  • Advocates for a fair funding formula from the state to increase funds for Philadelphia schools (source)


  • Current ward leader for the 26th ward (source)

  • Johnson has been caught up in a scandal where he was accused of abusing his council position to help a friend acquire City properties for lower than market value. He was also accused by developer Ori Feibush of abusing his council powers to block him from purchasing properties as backlash for Feibush running against him. (source)