City Council District 4 Candidate


Karla Cruel

Party: Independent
Previous occupations: Educator; Attorney
Campaign Website
Candidate Questionnaire: Completed
Contact information:
Cruel attended Drexel University, St. Joseph’s University, and then Drexel University again for her J.D. She has served as an educator and an attorney, and is now running for City Council District 4.


All of these position stances come from the campaign website. Please see the completed candidate questionnaire above for more details.

Criminal justice reform

  • Supports legalizing recreational marijuana

  • Supports “clean slate” legislation to clear non-violent criminal records after 10 years

Public safety

  • Supports creating more neighborhood watch programs

  • Generally plans to address mold, lead, asbestos, and other harmful environmental contaminants


  • Supports ending the 10-year tax abatement to help fund the School District

  • Supports using revenue from marijuana legalization, the technology sector, and green industries to fund the School District

  • Supports reforming the School Board to be an elected body, rather than appointed

  • Supports implementing limits for new charter schools

  • Supports reforming school disciplinary policies


  • Supports implementing a comprehensive Green New Deal

  • Supports preventing polluting industries from entering Philadelphia


  • Supports increasing funding for public transportation


  • Supports creating a comprehensive housing plan that prioritizes keeping people in their homes

  • Views housing as a human right

  • Generally supports controlling rental costs and creating more affordable housing

  • Supports increasing resources for those experiencing homelessness, eviction, foreclosure, or generally poor housing conditions


  • Supports implementing a $15 an hour minimum wage

  • Supports implementing universal basic income

  • Supports creating a jobs guarantee through her proposed Green New Deal