Josh Shapiro

Party: Democrat
Position: State Attorney General
In office since: 2017
Next election: 2020
Previous occupations: State Representative; Montgomery County Commissioner; Political assistant; Private law
Contact Information:
16th Floor, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Criminal justice

  • Focuses on scam and fraud prevention, ethics reform, and the opioid crisis as top priorities

  • Wants to combat mass incarceration; leads the PA Justice Reinvestment Initiative, which aims to reduce incarceration rates

  • Supports creating programs for mandatory treatment rather than incarceration for non-violent offenders

  • Supports providing state money for indigent defense

  • Supports implementing re-entry programs for formerly incarcerated people

  • Supports “ban-the-box” policies, which prohibit employers from inquiring about criminal history

  • Wants to update technology so that PA can fingerprint 100% of those arrested and eliminate its backlog of 1,800 untested rape kits

  • Supports gun control reform such as expanding background checks, raising awareness of laws against straw purchase, creating a lost or stolen gun reporting requirement, and expanding the Gun Violence Task Force (source)

Civil rights

  • Created the Office of the Attorney General’s first Diversity and Inclusion Officer

  • Shapiro’s office filed a court injunction against Trump’s attempt to limit contraceptive access under the Affordable Care Act. Shapiro’s office was successful. (source)


  • Shapiro conducted a grand jury investigation into the Catholic Church in PA, identifying 301 priests who sexually abused more than 1,000 children. This has prompted State lawmakers to strengthen PA’s statute of limitations and abuse laws. (source)

  • Member of the Pennsylvania Bar (source)