John Fetterman

Party: Democrat
Position: Lieutenant Governor
In office since: 2019
Next election: 2022
Previous occupations: Mayor of Braddock
Contact Information:


  • Supports a $15 an hour minimum wage

  • Wants reinvestment funds to also go to smaller towns that have been in decline

Public safety

  • Supports “common sense gun control” (not elaborated)

Criminal justice

  • Supports full legalization of marijuana

  • Generally wants to end mass incarceration, using his position to gain a platform for advocacy

  • Wants to close the Berks Detention Center


  • Supports Medicare-for-all

  • Seeing opioid use as a crisis in communities across PA

Civil rights

  • Supports pro-choice policies

  • Supports marriage equality for the LGBTQ community

  • Generally supports anti-discrimination laws and protections for all groups

  • Supports equal pay for men and women


  • Generally wants to invest more in public education and reduce education inequality


  • Generally wants to improve State infrastructure, especially in smaller towns


  • Ran for US Senate in 2015, but lost in a crowded primary with 20% to Katie McGinty

  • Wants to reform the Lieutenant Governor role to place a greater emphasis on criminal justice reform, particularly in combating mass incarceration

  • Founded the nonprofit Braddox Redux to redevelop Braddock (source)

  • During his 12-year tenure as Braddock mayor, Fetterman tattooed the Braddock ZIP code on one arm and the dates of each of five murders on his other arm (source)

  • In 2010, Fetterman was arrested for protesting at the UPMC headquarters after they closed a hospital branch in Braddock (source)

  • In 2016, Fetterman was two months late to file his campaign finance disclosures. He later complied, saying it was a simple oversight (source).