2019 City Commissioner Candidate


Jewell Williams

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: State Representative
Campaign Website (n/a)
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Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
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Williams graduated from the Philadelphia Police Academy in 1986. He served as a State Representative for the 197th District for 11 years before becoming Sheriff in 2012. He is currently seeking his third term.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.

Williams has not made any public comments on his stances, but we will update this page as more information becomes available.


  • Williams has been accused of quid pro quo practices by receiving campaign donations from employees who receive enough overtime pay to bring the cost $2.2 million over budget (Source)

  • Current ward leader for the 16th ward (source)

  • Williams was accused of sexual harassment by at least two women in his office recently, and the City recently settled in one case for $127,500 (source)

  • Williams was accused of sexually harassing a staffer when he was a state legislator, and the Democratic Party settled in a case for $30,000 (source)