2019 City Commissioner Candidate

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Jen Devor

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: Director of Partnership at Campus Philly
Campaign Website
Candidate questionnaire: Completed
Contact information:
Devor attended the University of the Arts and is a block captain, a ward committee member for the 36th ward, an election poll worker, and a public school advocate.


Please see Devor’s completed candidate questionnaire above for more details.

Governance and ethics

  • Supports reforming election day requirements for poll workers to encourage more people to become poll workers, such as by allowing for half-day shifts (source)

  • Supports removing the election requirement for poll workers to get more people serving in the position (source)

  • Supports exploring merging the budget and staff of the Democratic commissioners to increase efficiency and reduce conflict (questionnaire)

  • Generally supports reforming the hiring and promotion practices of the commissioners’ office to reduce nepotism and increase fairness (questionnaire)

  • Supports increasing transparency and visibility of the commissioners’ office, including through live streaming meetings and publishing transcripts and attendance records (questionnaire)

  • Agrees with the State Auditor General that the recent voting machine purchase was improperly motivated and bad for election security (questionnaire)

  • Supports the stance of the Committee of 70 that the commissioners’ office should be replaced with an appointed, bi-partisan, non-salaried board of election professionals (questionnaire)

Election access

  • Plans to work with other City offices and programs to conduct outreach and engagement (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing a paper ballot system with limited Ballot Marking Devices (questionnaire)

  • Opposes voter ID legislation and other requirements for voters (questionnaire)