2019 City Council District 3 Candidate


Jannie Blackwell

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: Teacher; Special Assistant to the Governor; Administrative Assistant for Lucien Blackwell as a State Representative, District 3 Councilmember, and candidate
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Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
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Blackwell was born and raised in Philadelphia, and she attended Cheyney University and St. Joseph’s University. Her husband, Lucien Blackwell, was the District 3 Councilmember from 1975-1991, and she took her first term in 1992. She is now seeking her seventh term.


Despite her long tenure, Blackwell’s stances on most issues are unclear. We will update this page if more information becomes available.


  • Announced 10-year economic plan in 1999 for West/Southwest Philly, which led to the formation of the nonprofit "West Philadelphia on the Move" (source)

Governance and ethics

  • Opposed legislation that would create stronger ethics oversight and limit pay-to-play (source)

  • Opposed legislation to limit campaign contributions and create stricter oversight and reporting requirements for contributors, saying that it would discriminate against non-wealthy candidates who depend on fundraising, and that, “people have a right to contribute to whomever and to whatever they choose.” (source)

Public safety

  • Opposed legislation that would ban smoking in certain public spaces (source)


  • Current ward leader for the 46th ward (source)

  • Created a city council task force on historic preservation to establish historic districts, in an attempt to circumvent the Philadelphia Historical Commission (source)

  • In the past, Blackwell fiercely criticized the University City District and the University of Pennsylvania after the UCD suspended John Fenton for using its resources to hold a rally for mayoral candidate Tom Knox (source)

  • Blackwell recently received criticism after a developer she helped obtain land near Drexel hosted a fundraiser for Blackwell, leading people to believe she has abused her councilmanic prerogative powers for pay-to-play practices (source)

  • Protestors disrupted Blackwell’s campaign announcement, criticizing her for councilmanic prerogative and not doing enough to prevent gentrification in her district (source)