James Roebuck Jr.

Party: Democrat
Position: State Representative, District 188
Chair: Education (minority chair)
In office since: 1985
Next election: 2020
Previous occupations: Lecturer; Assistant Professor; Legislative Aide to former Mayor
Official 2
Contact Information:
4712 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19143  

Fiscal policy

  • Wants to increase taxes for higher incomes and lower taxes for lower incomes

  • Wants to decrease property taxes

  • Supports increasing the minimum wage

  • Supports implementing work requirements for those receiving government assistance

Governance and ethics

  • Opposes term limits for State Representatives and Senators

  • Opposes limiting campaign contributions in any way


  • Supports greatly increasing funding for education

  • Supports state-funded vouchers

  • Wants to use state funding and tax incentives to make higher education more affordable

Civil rights

  • Supports access to abortions and the right to having an abortion

  • Supports the right to same-sex marriage

  • Supports including sexual orientation in PA’s anti-discrimination laws

Criminal justice reform

  • Supports allowing non-violent offenders to have alternate sentences than incarceration

  • Supports decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana

  • Supports strengthening penalties for drug-related crimes

  • Believes minors accused of violent crime should be prosecuted the same way as adults are


  • Supports shifting investments to renewable and clean energy

  • Also supports increasing use of fossil fuels

Public safety

  • Supports requiring background checks for gun sales at gun shows


  • Served as a member of the Democratic Ward Executive Committee since 1974

  • Served in the Democratic State Committee from 1984-1990

  • Serves as a commission member at the PA Historical and Museum and a board member at the PA Higher Education Assistance Agency Member

  • Nominated in a special election for his current seat and has won ever since