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James Kenney

Party: Democrat
Position: Mayor
In office since: 2016
Next election: 2019
Previous occupations: City Council At-Large from 1992-2016
Contact information:
Philadelphia City Hall
Room 215
Philadelphia, PA 19107


  • Supports deepening the progressive tax at all levels

  • Supports increasing the minimum wage

  • Supports reforming taxes to focus on commercial real estate taxes


  • Supports improving accessibility and quality of public K-12 education

  • Supports increasing funding for public schools while restoring financial stability

  • Wants to put a moratorium on granting new charter schools

Policing and Justice:

  • Wants to reform policing practices by ending stop-and-frisk, equipping officers with body cameras, and requiring civil rights training for all officers

  • Advocates for police to work closely with the community and strategically focus on individuals who are responsible for most crime with mixed services


  • Supports investing in existing public transportation and expand transit routes, including the subway and bike lanes

  • Supports increasing the number and quality of public green spaces