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National Pride March Philly

  • Thomas Paine Plaza Philadelphia (map)

"In Solidarity!"


ABOUT THIS EVENT: This is the local event to attend in Philadelphia, PA, for those that cannot attend the National Event. Let’s make this truly a “National Pride March” that spreads from coast to coast and shows solidarity through our Pride movement.

ONLY SOME OF THE ISSUES: Our LGBTQIA Community have been left out! Understand that this Rally and March's purpose will be to address the issues that matter in our community and present solutions. It is a stand to say that we have not won simply with "Gay Marriage", which is certainly under attack now. We are clearly not in a position to celebrate but a time to demonstrate the issues and the solutions to those issues. There are still Gay Bars that continue to be racist and are permitted to march in our parades, we are still fighting for trangender safety, we have banks that support devestating pipelines marching in our parades, our Trans Community is under fire, our QPOC community are in the middle of a violent world, Gay men and Lesbian women still cannot come out in the work place, and the leaders of our community have looked to money and what is in it for them instead of those of our family who are still struggling.

PRIDE, OUR DEFINITION: Being proud has nothing to do with seeing how much money we can make off of those in our community. We define it as a sense of dignity and satisfaction in connection with the public acknowledgment of our own sexualities. "Gay Pride", "LGBT Pride," and/or "Queer Pride" is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Will you stand with us?

IT'S RHETORICAL: How can we celebrate coming out and our pride when we are rejected services? How can we celebrate coming out and our pride when we are still not allowed to be who we are in the workplace? How can we celebrate coming out and our pride when we still have not won against the stigma that exists against us with our families, religious communities, and those who were supposed to be supportive of us. This is just a glance on the many problems that exist. We are here to bring new leaders into our community. What have our community leaders done for us?

NOTE FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT MAKE IT TO DC: For those who can not attend the March in DC, we URGE all our community members, their families, friends, and allies to reach out to their local Pride organizations to help coordinate additional solidarity marches. Use these organizations to help bring your local communities together. The issues that face our community are not just national, but local as well.

PLAN OF ACTION: As time gets closer, we will have a more definitive plan. Our event is FREE.

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