Eugene DePasquale

Party: Democrat
Position: State Auditor General
In office since: 2013
Next election: 2020
Previous occupations: State Representative; City of York Director of Economic Development; Deputy Secretary for the Department of Environmental Protection; Private attorney
Contact Information:
Finance Building
613 North Street, Room 229
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0018

Efficiency and transparency

  • Found $600 million in misspent or recoverable State funds in his first term

  • Claims there is an additional $100 million in investment fees that can be recovered

  • Removed the 244-car fleet his office had access to

  • Posts his finances online every month

  • Audited the $10 million grant for the Democratic Committee’s event in Philadelphia, revealing that a lack of claw-back measures allowed for $2 million in payouts to staff and organizations

  • Identified 18 counties that accepted kickbacks to hire a voting machine contractor (source)


  • Wants to review South-Central PA’s infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient transit


  • Wants to audit all natural gas drilling to ensure that safe drinking water is not being contaminated

Civil rights

  • Audited the Philadelphia Parking Authority and exposed sexual harassment issues

  • Audited the child abuse hotline, ChildLine, so that 58,000 unanswered calls were attended to

  • Wants to improve response time on the State’s rape kits

  • Advocates for legalizing marijuana statewide


  • Believes in affordable education for all; wants to use audits to help reach this goal

Public health

  • Views opioid use as an epidemic; wants to use audits to improve the State’s response

  • Reviewing the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority for water safety issues

  • Released a special report on drug rebates, finding that the current system encourages profiteering while harming small pharmacies and consumers (source)

  • Advocates for focusing on mental health as a response to gun violence (source)