2019 City Council At-Large Candidate

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Eryn Santamoor

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: Deputy Managing Director for the City of Philadelphia
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Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
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Santamoor attended Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania. Most recently, she worked for the City and serves on the board of several nonprofits.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.


  • Generally supports increased funding for education from taxes (source)

  • Supports exploring non-tax sources of resources, such as PILOTs and SILOTs (Payments/Services in Lieu of Taxes) from nonprofits (source)

  • Supports creating summer learning programs for students (source)

Governance and ethics

  • Supports auditing the Philadelphia Parking Authority annually (source)

  • Supports creating an oversight program for all of the City’s services to ensure efficiency, to be overseen by city council (source)

  • Supports passing a Home Rule Charter amendment to make the Office of the Inspector General permanent, with jurisdiction over city council and every office funded by public dollars (source)

  • Supports requiring city council to publish its annual budget and expenditure reports for each office (source)

  • Supports strengthening campaign finance rules and reducing the contribution limits (source)

Public safety

  • Supports increasing investments in automated trash management (source)

  • Supports creating a mobile response unit for treating substance abuse (source)

  • Supports changing the City’s insurance plan so that City employees are fully covered for addiction treatment (source)


  • Supports shifting to a higher commercial real estate tax model, recognizing that this requires a change in the PA constitution (source)

  • Supports reducing the wage tax and implementing a progressive tax system for the wage tax, recognizing that this requires approval from the state (source)

  • Supports reducing the gross receipts tax and completely eliminating it in five to seven years (source)

  • Supports eliminating the requirement that businesses pay tax on estimated future revenues (source)

  • Supports reducing the amount of paperwork and generally making the permitting process easier (source)


  • Supports reforming the 10-year tax abatement to a graduated tax that only applies to certain areas of the city (source)

  • Supports increasing funding for the Housing Trust Fund (source)

  • Supports reforming zoning to create higher density (source)


  • Supports prohibiting single-use plastics and styrofoam (source)

  • Supports creating a citywide composting program (source)

  • Supports shifting all City properties to renewable energy sources (source)

  • Supports increasing funding for the TreePhilly program to reduce the heat island effect (source)


  • Supports expanding SEPTA’s services and improving the quality of services (source)

  • Supports reducing the size of the City’s non-emergency fleets of vehicles (source)