Elizabeth Fiedler

Party: Democrat
Position: State Representative, District 184
Member: Appropriations; Environmental Resources and Energy; Health
In office since: 2018
Next Election: 2020
Previous occupations: Reporter at WHYY
Official 2
Contact Information:
2400 South 9th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19148  


  • Supports increasing state funding for public schools, pre-k through college

  • Opposes high-stakes standardized testing

  • Supports imposing a moratorium on approving new charter and cyber schools until more evaluation is done


  • Supports universal healthcare as a human right

  • Supports Medicare-for-all legislation that create a single payer system with no copays or deductibles

  • Supports expanding Medicaid, CHIP, and similar programs

Civil rights

  • Supports the right to have an abortion, and access to reproductive healthcare

Governance and ethics

  • Supports campaign finance reform that would limit the influence of money

  • Opposes Citizens United, and supports overturning it with a constitutional amendment

  • Wants to create a small-donor matching system for campaigns

  • Supports a ban on gifts for PA politicians

  • Supports increasing transparency around lobbying

  • Supports increasing accessibility to voting

  • Wants end gerrymandering by creating a non-partisan commission for redistricting

  • Supports automatic voter registration

  • Supports making election day a holiday, early access voting, and mail-in voting


  • Supports state-funded investments in green jobs and green infrastructure

  • Wants to ultimately ban fracking entirely, with short-term goals of issuing a moratorium on new pipelines and drilling in watersheds

  • Supports increased spending on public transportation


  • Supports a $15 an hour minimum wage

  • Supports the right to unionize

  • Supports the Fair Share Tax Plan, which raises taxes on higher incomes and lowers it for low and moderate incomes

  • Opposes tax incentives for corporations

Public safety

  • Supports common sense gun control reform

  • Supports increased investments drug addiction treatment programs

Criminal justice reform

  • Wants to end cash bail

  • Supports holding drug makers accountable for the opioid crisis