2019 City Council At-Large Candidate


Drew Murray

Party: Republican
Previous occupations: Regional Sales Manager at O’Brien Systems, Inc. (current)
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Candidate questionnaire: Completed
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Murray grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but attended school in the city. He attended Dickinson College and Temple University. He is involved in many community organizations, and has worked at O’Brien Systems, Inc. for 25 years, currently as the Regional Sales Manager.


Please see Murray’s completed questionnaire above. All information below comes from the questionnaire.


  • Supports funding universal Pre-K for those who cannot afford it

  • Supports charter schools, as long as they have the proper oversight

Public safety

  • Opposes creating safe injection sites

  • Supports treating addiction as a disease, and supports bringing people into treatment programs

  • Supports implementing universal background checks for gun purchases and preventing those guilty of violent crime or who have mental illnesses from gun ownership

  • Supports stronger punishments for straw purchases of guns, which is buying a gun for somebody who is not allowed to

  • Generally opposes the policies of the current District Attorney, but also believes that more needs to be done to reform how we prosecute minor offenses and how to reduce the recidivism rate

Civil rights

  • Supports creating a centralized office for sexual harassment complaints in City government

  • Generally supports equal rights for all people, regardless of background


  • Supports reducing the wage tax as per the Levy-Sweeney plan

  • Supports eliminating the tax on gross revenue for businesses

  • Supports repealing the soda tax and focusing on broad-based taxes to support universal Pre-K and the Rebuild program

Governance and ethics

  • Supports continuing to uphold all current pension liabilities regardless of the state of the economy, but also supports broader reforms moving forward

  • Supports increasing the employee contribution for retirement benefits

  • Supports hiring outside experts to help review Philadelphia’s investment portfolio

  • Supports ending the DROP program, which has been abused to receive lump sum payments without actually retiring

  • Generally supports strengthening the Board of Ethics and the Office of the Inspector General

  • Supports a three-term limit for city councilmembers

  • Opposes councilmanic prerogative, but prefers reducing city council’s power in land oversight rather than completely removing city council from land oversight

  • Believes serving in city council should be a full-time position, and vows to not take other employment. However, Murray would not support restrictions on other councilmembers holding other positions unless there is a conflict of interest.


  • Supports allocating more funds to repair potholes and streets

  • Supports revising City policies so that private contractors are responsible for returning the street to its original condition after work is done

  • Supports creating a study to find out why public transit ridership has decreased

  • Supports looking into creating dedicated bus lanes throughout the City

  • Supports finding ways to reduce the number of bus stops in Center City