2019 City Council At-Large Candidate

Devon Cade pic.jpg

Devon Cade

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: Teacher; government auditor; Licenses and Inspections
Crowd PAC
Candidate questionnaire: Completed
Contact information:
Cade has more than a decade of experience in government and private business.


Please see Cade’s completed questionnaire listed above.


  • Supports increasing the minimum wage (source)

  • Supports increasing wages for City employees (source)

  • Vows to invest $500 million in Minority Business Enterprises (source)

  • Supports creating three elected commissioners for developing ports and three for developing aviation, each with at least one minority party member (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating a private aircraft tax (questionnaire)

  • Supports reforming the soda tax (questionnaire)

  • Supports collecting taxes from large nonprofits, such as universities or hospitals, to be used to address pension liabilities (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating an appointed or elected “insurance advocate” position to reduce insurance rates for Philadelphians (questionnaire)


  • Vows to require SEPTA to return its fares to $1.50 (source)

  • Vows to end restricted residential permit parking (source)

  • Vows to invest $800 million in the Northeast Philadelphia Airport (source)

  • Plans to ask the PA Congressional delegation to earmark billions for fixing the streets (questionnaire)

  • Supports requiring SEPTA to use 1/32nd of its reserve funding for fixing the streets (questionnaire)


  • Vows to require home economics in the curriculum (source)

  • Supports reinstating or strengthening the Philadelphia Magistrate Court to address truancy, and supports hiring more truancy officers (questionnaire)

  • Does not support expanding charter schools (questionnaire)

Public safety

  • Opposes safe injection sites (questionnaire)

  • Vows to create a force of 100 officers with drug sniffing dogs to protect ports of entry from drug smuggling (questionnaire)

  • Supports asking the US Attorney Office for the Eastern District and the FBI Philadelphia field office to investigate the Police Department (questionnaire)

Criminal justice reform

  • Opposes stop-and-frisk policies (questionnaire)

Governance and ethics

  • Supports term limits for city council


  • Vows to increase funding for public access TV, radio, and other media