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derek s. green

Party: Democrat
Position: City Council At-Large
Chair: Disabilities and Persons with Special Needs
Vice-Chair: Aging; Law and Government
Member: Ethics; Fiscal Stability and Intergovernmental Cooperation; Commerce and Economic Development; Environment; Global Opportunities and Creative Innovative Economy; Labor and Civil Service; Legislative Oversight; Public Health and Human Services; Public Safety; Technology and Information Services
In office since: 2016
Next Election: 2019
Previous occupations: Special Counsel to Councilwoman Marian B. Tasco
Contact Information:
Philadelphia City Hall
Room 594
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Economy and Taxes:

  • Sponsored legislation to amend zoning and planning laws to accommodate medical marijuana dispensaries and growing sites

  • Supports budgeting strategies that improve city's bond rating

  • Sponsored legislation stipulating that recipients of funds for Economic Opportunity Plans (city-sponsored development projects) must submit themselves to increased oversight

  • Supports JumpStart initiatives: neighborhood-based programs that aim to address blight, facilitate investment, and provide mentorship for local residents interested in developing their communities


  • Supports increased funding for children with special needs

  • Wants to expand full-day kindergarten classes

  • Supports financial literacy instruction in public schools

Policing and Justice:

  • Supports DA's "Focused Deterrence," a policing strategy that targets certain offenses, like organized and/or violent crime, and gives would-be offenders opportunity to correct course to avoid strict consequences (aims to deter rather than prevent or preempt)

  • Supports installation of surveillance cameras in every commercial district

  • Urges Congress to enact immigration reform that will protect immigrant communities and end mass detention