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david oh

Party: Republican
Position: At-Large; Minority Whip
Chair: Global Opportunities and Creative Innovative Economy
Member: Ethics; Fiscal Stability and Intergovernmental Cooperation; Appropriations; Commerce and Economic Development; Education; Finance; Law and Government; Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs; Public Property and Public Works; Streets and Services; Transportation and Public Utilities
In office since: 2012
Next Election: 2019
Previous occupations: Assistant District Attorney for Philadelphia, Former Army National Guard Officer
Contact information:
Philadelphia City Hall
Room 319
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Economy and Taxes:

  • Chairs Committee on Global Opportunities and Creative/Innovative Economy, which develops strategies to draw international investment, high skilled workers, and technological innovation to Philadelphia, in order to compete in the “New Economy”

  • Sponsored legislation to award tax credits to businesses that employ USAF veterans

  • Introduced bill to lower wage tax and business net profits tax by about 0.5% respectively over a ten-year period

  • Urged Council to support President Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative to provide economic opportunities for young men of color

News and Other Information:

  • Current ward leader for the 3rd ward (source)

  • Was fined in 2015 for accepting a campaign contribution that exceeded the contribution limit by rerouting the excess amount through a political committee

  • First Asian American elected to public office in Philadelphia