2019 City Council District 1 Candidate


Daniel “Duke” Orsino

Party: Republican
Previous occupations: Orthotics device manufacturer (current)
Candidate questionnaire: Completed
Contact information:
Orsino attended Rowan University and currently works at an orthotics lab manufacturing orthotic devices by hand.


Please see the completed questionnaire linked above for more details.


  • Supports creating tax breaks to attract businesses and manufacturing, especially tech and green companies (questionnaire)

  • Supports exempting low-income residents from the wage tax and property taxes (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating a program to teach low-income residents to start a small business (questionnaire)

  • Supports ending the tax abatement program (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) for large medical and educational institutions that are tax exempt (questionnaire)

Criminal justice reform

  • Supports expunging criminal records for nonviolent offenders after a few years (questionnaire)

  • Supports making the parole system more lenient for nonviolent offenders (questionnaire)

  • Supports full legalization of marijuana and expungement of marijuana-related records (questionnaire)


  • Supports reforming the school board as an elected body, rather than appointed (questionnaire)

  • Supports investing much more money into the public school system (questionnaire)

  • Supports increasing pay for public school teachers and exempting them from the wage tax and a large percent of property taxes (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating more specialized and individualized curriculums (questionnaire)


  • Supports increasing funding for the Streets Department for pothole repairs and snow removal (questionnaire)

  • Supports expanding public transit, including the subway, regional rail, and bus lines (questionnaire)

Public safety

  • Supports expanding drug treatment and overdose prevention programs for opioid use (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating a system to track what is being prescribed in order to prevent overprescription of opioids (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating and expanding public education programs regarding opioids (questionnaire)

  • Supports increasing efforts to prevent the supply of illegal opioids (questionnaire)

  • Supports significantly increasing penalties for possessing and trafficking illegal guns (questionnaire)

Governance and ethics

  • Supports expanding the powers of the Board of Ethics for suspected cases of fraud and conflict of interest (questionnaire)

  • Supports conducting more thorough audits of the City budget in partnership with the State and Federal governments and third-party auditors (questionnaire)

  • Supports amending the Home Rule Charter to create term limits of two the three terms for city council (questionnaire)

  • Believes city council members should not have outside sources of income or other positions (questionnaire)