Brian Sims

Party: Democrat
Position: State Representative, District 182
Member: Finance; Game and Fisheries; Human Services; State Government
In office since: 2012
Next election: 2020
Previous occupations: Private attorney; Senior Law Clerk at the Environmental Protection Agency; Staff Counsel for Policy and Planning at the Philadelphia Bar Association; Guest lecturer
Official 2
Contact Information:
1015 Chestnut Street
Suite 1101
Philadelphia, PA 19107  


  • Supports increased state funding for public education through a fair funding formula

  • Supports reinstating charter school reimbursements to school districts

  • Supports implementing a natural gas drilling tax to support education

Governance and ethics

  • Supports reforming redistricting to eliminate gerrymandering

  • Supports campaign finance reform to reduce the influence of large companies

  • Generally supports increasing transparency of government and making records public


  • Supports reinstitution the Adult Basic Program

  • Supports strengthening and expanding CHIP

  • Supports Medicare and Medicaid

Civil rights

  • Supports access to abortions and reproductive healthcare

  • Generally supports expanding civil rights protections

  • Generally supports defending immigrants from discrimination

Fiscal policy

  • Wants to freeze property taxes for all seniors

  • Supports public investments in green jobs

  • Supports reforming the corporate income tax to a lower tax based on local activity

Public safety

  • Supports common sense gun controls

Criminal justice reform

  • Supports reforming mandatory minimum sentences

  • Supports offering alternative sentencing for non-violent offenders


  • Supports a tax on gas drilling

  • Supports a ban on drilling in state forests

  • Supports generally increased regulation and oversight of fracking

  • Supports increased investments in alternative and sustainable energy


  • Former president of the board of Equality PA and chairperson of Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia

  • Serves on the GLSEN Sports Advisory Council

  • Writes as a contributor to several media outlets

  • In 2016, Sims was running for Congress, but quickly withdrew his campaign