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brian j. o'neill

Party: Republican
Position: City Council District 10, Minority Leader
Chair: Technology and Information Services
Vice-Chair: Ethics; Fiscal Stability and Intergovernmental Cooperation; Labor and Civil Service; Legislative Oversight
Member: Appropriations; Law and Government
In office since: 1980
Next Election: 2019
Previous occupations: n/a
Contact Information:
Philadelphia City Hall
Room 562
Philadelphia, PA 19107


  • Opposes increasing taxes, including to fund the School District

  • Opposes mandatory paid sick leave

  • Supports Philadelphia Gas Works heating assistance programs


  • Supports the TreePhilly initiative

  • Supports recycling programs

News and Other Information:

  • Chairman of the Board of Public Technology Institute and the Northeast Philadelphia Airport Advisory Council

  • Voted against City Council public condemnation of the policies and bigotry of Donald J. Trump (Source)