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bobby henon

Party: Democrat
Position: City Council, District 6
Chair: Public Property and Public Works
Vice-Chair: Whole; Finance
Member: Ethics; Fiscal Stability and Intergovernmental Cooperation
In office since: 2012
Next Election: 2019
Previous occupations: Electrician, union leader
Contact Information:
Philadelphia City Hall, Room 484
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Economy and Taxes:

  • Worked to expand manufacturing, including expanding Dietz and Watson in Tacony

  • Passed legislation streamlining zoning notification process, re-write of property maintenance code, and tightening demolition and construction licensing

  • Favors lowering property taxes and addressing problems of blight and lot vacancies

Public Health:

  • Launched "Philly Play", a childhood obesity reduction program

News and Other Information:

  • Current ward leader for the 56th ward (source)

  • Long-time member and leader in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union (Local 98), affiliated with Johnny Dougherty, a well-known Democratic operative and the Local 98’s business manager, who was investigated by the FBI in 2016, and accused in a civil suit of racketeering and intimidating political opponents (source)