Welcome to phillyprogressives.com! We are very excited to launch the site today and thank you for visiting. The Philly Progressives team has been working on the content that you will discover today and in the future since our first meeting in early November 2016. This is a 100% volunteer and grassroots effort. The leadership team consists of 14 progressives from all over the Philadelphia region, with various backgrounds and professional talents.

We originally started up as a meetup.com event, scheduled right after the Presidential election. The meeting consisted of 7 strangers who came fired up and concerned about the future of our country. It was evident from the very beginning that we wanted to be an organization of action and contribution. The question was how would we fulfill this?

As you can see at the site's "Join a Progressive Organization" page, there is no shortage of progressive organizations to fulfill your need to get active and have a real impact. The Philadelphia area is home to over 100 progressive organizations. Many of these organizations have been fighting for progressive ideas for years while many are new, created and formed as a response to Donald Trump's election. It was also made clear to the group that, as active as Philadelphia is, for someone who is new to the area who has never participated before, it is difficult for even the most experienced activist to navigate and understand everything that is going on progressively in the community. We decided that instead of adding to the noise, let's organize it and create a central progressive hub where people can easily go to quickly to learn about all the various progressive organizations, events and news in the Philadelphia region. Thus, the idea of phillyprogressives.com was born.

So what can you expect when you visit the site? Before we answer that, you must know our site and our organization is one big experiment and we are having fun coming up with new ideas to better the site that have yet to implemented. For now, when you visit phillyprogressives.com you will find an updated calendar of events and list of progressive organizations. We only list organizations, events, and activities that practice non-violent means to move progressive ideas forward. Every organization you see is one which we support and endorse, and we will do everything we can to help these organizations thrive and fulfill their missions. If you are a leader or organizer of one of the many amazing progressive organizations here in Philadelphia, we look forward to working with and promoting your efforts and causes.

The site will feature a blog managed by a team of local contributors. Among the types of content we will feature are interviews with progressive leaders and organizations, previews on upcoming progressive events, issues progressives care deeply about on a local/state level, and much more. The beauty about Philly Progressives is that we INVITE YOU to participate with us. If you want to contribute to the blog, let us know. We would love to have you.

Philadelphia Progressives strongly supports independent progressive media and we have formed a strong partnership with Raging Chicken Media, a well-established and reputable independent progressive media source that covers state wide politics. We will feature not just content relating to the Philadelphia region but also the critical issues on a state-wide basis that affect us all.