2019 Mayoral Candidate


Billy Ciancaglini

Party: Republican
Previous occupations: Attorney (currently)
Campaign Website
Candidate questionnaire: Not completed
Contact information:
Fillable form on campaign website
Ciancaglini grew up in Philadelphia and attended law school at Temple.


This candidate has declined to answer a candidate questionnaire.


  • Opposes the soda tax and vows to fight for its repeal (source)

  • Opposes new taxes and new property taxes in particular, saying that we can fund any new programs with the $33 million that the city accounting could not find last year (source)

Civil rights

  • Opposes Philadelphia’s sanctuary city status and vows to end it (source)

Public safety

  • Opposes creating safe injection sites, and supports rehabilitation as an alternative (source)

  • Criticizes the current District Attorney, and plans to establish community meetings for public safety (source)


  • Supports increasing funding for public schools, and expanding the types of programs available (source)

  • Supports issuing a moratorium on new charter schools until their impact is studied and their quality is regulated (source)

  • Supports strengthening teacher unions, increasing teacher pay, and creating smaller class sizes (source)

  • Opposes high-stakes standardized testing (source)


  • Supports protecting the Rizzo statue and mural (source)