2019 City Council At-Large Candidate

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Beth Finn

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: Advertising; Pharmaceuticals; Entertainment; Financial Services; IT Services; Healthcare analytics (current)
Campaign Website
Candidate questionnaire: Completed
Contact information:
Finn is a founding member of the Women’s March, and is now running for city council at-large. She has spent 20 years working in technology fields and currently works at Elsevier, a healthcare analytics company.


Please see the completed questionnaire above for more details.


  • Generally supports investing in public infrastructure (source)

  • Generally supports investing in public transportation (source)

  • Supports Mayor Kenney’s Rebuild program to revitalize public infrastructure, but wants to pay for it with something other than the soda tax (questionnaire)

  • Supports investing in technology to improve public transit, such as by creating a reliable app with real-time schedule updates (questionnaire)

  • Supports increasing local funding for SEPTA (questionnaire)


  • Supports a $15 per hour minimum wage, mandated for City employees and encouraged for private businesses (source)

  • Plans to create a public bank for Philadelphia (questionnaire)

  • Opposes the soda tax, but doesn’t want to repeal it until another source of revenue is in place for the Rebuild program (questionnaire)

  • Supports disinvesting the City’s pension fund from high-risk stocks, and instead in neighborhood development projects (questionnaire)


  • Generally supports implementing a Green New Deal program (questionnaire)


  • Supports focusing the Housing Trust Fund on households earning under 80% of the Area Median Income (questionnaire)

  • Supports pursuing policies that would increase the number of mixed-income housing units (questionnaire)

  • Supports focusing on repairing homes (questionnaire)

Public safety

  • Supports focusing on overdose prevention and harm reduction for those using opioids (questionnaire)

  • Supports strengthening community-police relations as a method to reduce gun violence (questionnaire)

Criminal justice reform

  • Generally believes the criminal justice system is in dire need of reform (questionnaire)

  • Supports focusing on rehabilitation, rather than punishment (questionnaire)

  • Opposes the death penalty (questionnaire)

  • Supports eliminating the cash bail system (questionnaire)

  • Supports full legalization of marijuana (questionnaire)

  • Opposes all forms of stop-and-frisk policies (questionnaire)

  • Supports enforcing and expanding ban-the-box legislation to college applications, housing, and all types of services (questionnaire)


  • Supports creating more counseling and mentorship programs for youth (questionnaire)

  • Supports raising the age of legal dropout from high school (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing internship programs for high school students (questionnaire)

  • Supports charter schools in theory, but believes they are not working in practice, and are undermining teacher unions, privatizing education, and reducing oversight (questionnaire)

  • Supports prohibiting charter schools from using public funding for private property (questionnaire)

  • Opposes giving vouchers to charter schools, because they take money from the public school system (questionnaire)

Governance and ethics

  • Supports making the Office of the Inspector General a permanent office (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating a system for public financing of elections (questionnaire)

  • Supports implementing term limits for all State and City elected positions (questionnaire)

  • Generally opposes councilmanic prerogative (questionnaire)

  • Supports creating alternative public land use oversight methods to reduce city council’s influence over land use (questionnaire)

  • Vows to not vote in favor of district-specific legislation just because a district councilperson introduced it (questionnaire)