Art Haywood

Party: Democrat
Position: State Senator, District 4
Chair: Health and Human Services (minority chair)
Member: Appropriations; Finance; Intergovernmental Operations; Judiciary
In office since: 2015
Next Election:
Previous occupations: Lawyer in several nonprofits; Cheltenham Township Commissioner
Official 2
Contact Information:
7106 Germantown Avenue 
Philadelphia, PA 19119  


  • Co-sponsored legislation to immediately raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour, $15 an hour by 2024, and $9 an hour for tipped workers. The legislation also gives local governments the power to set a minimum wage that matches the local cost of living.

  • Advocates for better retirement benefits for all, including adequate replacement income under retirement plans.

  • Supports the Fair Share Tax Plan, which would lower the tax rates on wage and interest income and raise the tax rates on other sources of income

Criminal justice and public safety

  • Introduced legislation to create an independent investigator’s office to investigate police officers involved in the death of Pennsylvania citizens, and prosecute if necessary

  • Opposes mass incarceration policies, and supports funding education over prisons

  • Introduced legislation to limit hand-gun purchases to one per month per person

  • Supports legislation to implement fingerprint hand-gun registration


  • Wants to increase access to renewable energy through tax credits, removing solar from sales and use taxes, and amending the State’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards to increase the amount of electricity sold from renewable sources.


  • Supports more funding for public schools and a fair funding formula

  • Supports summer and after-school reading programs for youth

  • Supports free community college


  • Supports pro-choice legislation

  • Supports organizations committed to providing women’s health services, such as Planned Parenthood