2019 Mayoral Candidate


Anthony Williams

Party: Democrat
Previous occupations: State Representative for District 191; PepsiCo executive; small business owner
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Williams grew up in West Philadelphia, and still lives in his childhood home. He entered private business after college, but the Philadelphia MOVE crisis, which was in his own neighborhood, influenced him to enter politics. He first served as a State Representative, and has served in his current role as a State Senator since 1998.



  • Opposes the soda tax, and believes there are other ways to fund pre-K programs and the Rebuild initiative (source)


  • Supports universal pre-K (source)

  • Advocates for increased public school funding through a fair funding formula (source)

  • Advocates for expanded access to charter schools (source)

  • Williams ran against current Mayor Kenney in the 2015 primary, and received $7 million in support from a super PAC advocating for vouchers and charter schools (source)

  • Authored Pennsylvania’s charter school legislation (source)

Public safety

  • Creating the Philadelphia Illegal Gun Task Force (source)

Criminal justice reform

  • Sponsored Pennsylvania’s “clean slate” legislation (source)


  • Williams ran for governor in 2010 (source)

  • Williams effectively received his current position as State Senator from his father, Hardy Williams. In 1998, Hardy Williams announced his retirement several hours before the deadline for nomination petitions. His son, who knew beforehand, already had the signatures needed and was the only Democratic candidate (source)