2019 City Council At-Large Candidate


Andrew McGinley

Party: Liberal Independent
Previous occupations: National Constitution Center; Aide to State Representative Matt Bradford; Executive Director of Temple’s Office of the Vice President for Research (current)
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Candidate questionnaire: Completed
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McGinley was born and raised in Philadelphia and attended Temple University for undergraduate and a law degree. He has worked in nonprofits, education, and politics, and is currently working at Temple.


Please see the candidate questionnaire linked above for more details.


  • Supports the soda tax

  • Supports implementing tax relief for low-income individuals

  • Supports passing City-level legislation to encourage participation in the Earned Income Tax Credit

  • Supports scaling the wage tax as a progressive tax so that low-income individuals pay less or nothing

  • Supports reviewing City tax incentives so that businesses receiving tax breaks are required to create local, good-paying jobs

  • Supports implementing a $15 an hour minimum wage for all City workers and contractors, and for those who work with the City

  • Supports collecting revenue from non-profits conducting for-profit activities

  • Supports scaling back or eliminating the 10-year tax abatement

  • Plans to use the platform of City Council to advocate for the repeal of the State’s uniformity clause, which prevents Philadelphia from implementing progressive tax rates


  • Supports implementing rent control

  • Supports reforming the Office of Property Assessment to more accurately assess property value

Public safety

  • Views poverty as the root cause of the opioid crisis

  • Supports combatting the opioid crisis through harm reduction, housing-first, homelessness prevention, and permanent supportive housing

  • Views gun violence as a public health issue, rather than just a criminal issue

  • Supports investing City resources in nonprofits like Ceasefire Philadelphia to reduce gun violence

  • Plans to use the platform of City Council to advocate for State-level common sense gun reform

Civil rights

  • Generally plans to do more to combat sexual harassment in City government

  • Plans to use the platform of City Council to advocate for passage of the FAIR Act at the State level

Governance and ethics

  • Supports scaling the City’s pensions to increase the pensions of the lowest earners and reduce the pensions of the highest earners

  • Supports increasing City employee contributions to pensions, including scaling so that the lowest earners are least impacted

  • Supports requiring all bills to be posted online before votes or public hearings

  • Supports removing certain row offices

  • Generally supports increasing transparency in Council’s amendment process

  • Supports making the Office of the Inspector General permanent

  • Supports establishing City Council office hours and hosting at least two town hall meetings annually

  • Supports publishing a plain language annual report on the state of the City

  • Generally supports implementing term limits for all elected positions

  • Believes council members should be able to hold unpaid positions with community organizations, but should be required to recuse themselves from votes with a potential conflict of interest

  • Believes council members should not be allowed to hold outside paid positions

Criminal justice reform

  • Generally supports District Attorney Larry Krasner’s views and work

  • Supports increasing funding to help returning citizens, such as through the RISE program

  • Supports increasing education efforts regarding the voting rights of returning citizens


  • Believes that charter schools do not have enough oversight

  • Supports a moratorium on charter schools until the State improves oversight and funding structures for charter schools

  • Generally supports advocating for a fair funding formula from the State


  • Supports expanding public transit, including adding e-bikes and scooters

  • Supports investing in protected bus lanes, particularly in Center City

  • Supports implementing free transfers, and reduced or free fares for children

  • Supports increasing investments in refurbishing streets