Philly Progressives is made up of a diverse group of community members whose mission is to organize area progressives and local groups with progressive goals to take action. We accomplish this by providing the information and opportunities to promote and advocate for progressive ideas and the passage of progressive policies that have a meaningful impact on a local level. We also work to connect organizations that have progressive goals with one another in order to tie together communities with common interests. Philly Progressives does not condone violent actions to further progressive ideas. We are independent from any particular party and free from corporate interest and influence.


Campaign Finance Reform/ Elections:

Philadelphia Progressives believes a person's right to vote is the foundation for a democratic society. We oppose policies that prevent, suppress, or hinder any qualified individual from voting. We believe the electoral process should be convenient, transparent, fair, and free from corporate or financial interest. We do not believe corporations are “people” as defined by Citizens United and we will work toward its reversal.

Civil Rights:

In the city where both the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution were drafted and adopted, Philadelphia Progressives believes in preserving, protecting, and establishing the civil rights and civil liberties of all US citizens and people across the globe. We oppose any and all forms of overt, subtle, and institutional discrimination.

Health Care:

Philadelphia Progressives believes that healthcare is a vital component in everyone’s lives. We support increased access to high-quality healthcare for all people.

Economic Policy:

Philadelphia Progressives believes the middle class is the foundation for a strong economy. While the middle class is shrinking and more people fall into poverty, the richest 1% of the country continues to grow richer. We support progressive candidates and organizations that foster a more equitable distribution of wealth.


Philadelphia Progressives believes every person has the right to a high-quality education. The Philadelphia K-12 school system is failing to equip teachers with the tools necessary to provide an adequate education. College tuition is unaffordable and is dooming a generation to a life of debt which is having severe consequences on the economy. We support increased resources and funding to K-12 and higher education.


Philadelphia Progressives believes that climate change exists, is man-made, and is a result of using fossil fuels as a source of energy.  We support the protection and preservation of the environment through environmental safety policies, while promoting alternative sources of energy.

Governmental Reform:

Philadelphia Progressives believes that a major responsibility of the government is to appropriately spend tax dollars on endeavors that contribute to the common good of society.  The government must eliminate wasteful spending, be transparent, and must promote democratic ideals.  Corporate ties to the government must be cut and the people must be able to see the results of their political will.

Public Participation:

Philadelphia Progressives believes that greater public participation will lead to policies that better represent the people.  We support efforts that connect real people to political systems.

U.S. Military and Use of Force:

Philadelphia Progressives believes that it is essential to protect men and women in the armed forces, while also limiting military spending and action. We oppose military spending and action influenced by corporate interest. We oppose any actions that use deadly force on American citizens without due process, the use of any forms of torture, and the doctrine of preemption.

Philadelphia Progressives acknowledges that all of the above stated positions disproportionately affect marginalized communities and minorities. We aim to include each of these communities in our analysis of the issue.