Welcome to Philly Progressives!

A note from the organizer:

A group of local volunteers created Philly Progressives in 2016 to push for stronger progressive policies and connect area progressives. Throughout 2017, the group members gradually pulled away as everyday life occupied people. In that time, we created a strong foundation for the organization, and now I’d like to get things started up again from where we left off.

For now, here are my priorities:

1) Get the website up-to-date and cleaned up;

2) Identify a core group of volunteers and establish roles;

3) Establish periodic meet-ups to make it easier to engage with the organization;

4) Get basic resources and information about elected officials, candidates, and the general electoral and political process updated on the website; and

5) Update the events calendar and map.

This is what I think I can tackle as an individual. If more volunteers get on board, we can expand to other areas, such as creating a regularly updated blog, a newsletter, or active social media accounts. I’m open to whatever ideas people have, and I think this should be a collaborative effort. I see my largest contribution as researching candidates, officials, and the electoral process to post on the website. I especially want to get this done before the upcoming primaries.

In general, I see Philly Progressives as serving as a resource for people and a way to connect people and organizations. I see a gap in public information on our political process, officials, and candidates. I don’t think the organization should try to do the same work as similar organizations, and instead should work in tandem with groups that do things like conduct voter drives.

I’m going to get started. Please feel free to join me! I’ll be posting soon about contact information and the first meeting, but in the meantime, you can reach me at paul.x.snyder@gmail.com.





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